Short Term Finance

A bridging loan or bridging finance is a great solution for clients that need quick access to capital. It is a great way to raise finance where a quick, short term solution is required to rectify a difficult situation such as a temporary cash flow issue or a tight deadline. Our loans are available to investors, developers and businesses

Short term finance uses the equity in property as security for a borrowing facility. Unlike other secured loans and mortgages, Gold Funding Ltd are able to quickly set this up and can make use of property that would normally be considered unsuitable security for many lenders. Apart from the advantage of being set up quickly, another benefit is that income proof and affordability calculations are not a limiting factor if interest is added to the facility.

  • Gold Funding Ltd lend up to 70% LTV of the 180 day valuation
  • No arrangement fee nor exit fee charges
  • Both Residential & Commercial loans
  • Minimum commitment is only 1 month thereafter on a daily basis commitment.

Auction Finance

A bridging loan could be the key to unlocking your next investment opportunity. If you’re successful with your auction bid, things move quickly. You’ll need to pay 10% deposit on the day and the full balance of the property within 28 days. Understandably, covering the full balance in less than a month is a big ask for most buyers. This is where short-term bridging finance comes in, helping to ‘bridge’ the gap until a longer term, buy-to-let or commercial loan can be secured.

When you buy a property at auction it is important to have your finances arranged so you can complete the purchase with the balance of funds usually within 28 days. We assist buyers of property at auction securing the competitive short term bridging they need.

Our auction finance lending options are designed to offer flexibility as well as speed and efficiency, helping buyers to bid with confidence and complete the process quickly. Our short-term auction finance bridging loans can usually be arranged in a matter of days.